Deaf Dog Information, Inspiration & Resources

Eric and Angelyne are considered trailblazers in the deaf dog world.   Eric trained Angelyne out of necessity, love, resilience and through a very strong bond and trust.   Angelyne was not trained with ASL (American Sign Language) but with an intense practice regimen that evolved over time. Angelyne and her personality were perfect for Eric's bonding and training program and the work, schedule and repetition that was required.  

In the height of Angelyne's career, she responded to over 60 cues including signs, touch, lights, body language, facial expressions, vibrations, and scent.  Australian Cattle Dogs (ACD) is a very intelligent breed and thrive on learning.   Although Angelyne was Eric's first deaf dog he brought many years experience with Australian Cattle Dogs to the table as well as a love and deep understanding of the breed when he committed his life to Angelyne   Eric and Angelyne have an amazing partnership and trust and strive to inspire other deaf dog owners to have the same.  

Click here to read and download Eric & Angelyne's personal statement and informational deaf dog inspirational and basic training guide.

Eric & Angelyne are available for deaf dog training sessions and video chats.  Contact below for details. 


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