What People Are Saying About Eric & Angelyne

I first met Eric and Angelyne at The Fort Kearny Outdoor Expo In May 2015. It was hosted by The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

As a veteran dog trainer and a Commissioner of the Game and Parks Commission who wants to get children and families active in outdoor activities, I was entranced with what I was witnessing. You could hear a pin drop as Eric and Angelyne performed for the audience. From the youngest child to the grandmothers and grandfathers in the crowd, everyone was spellbound. Eric and Angelyne are a great team. Together they have accomplished things I didn't think a dog that could hear would be able to do.

The message I took away from their performance is as follows. "There is no such thing as a handicap or disability. With hard work perseverance and teamwork, you can accomplish anything".  I would highly recommend everyone take the time to experience a performance by Eric and Angelyne. Together they teach a life lesson you shouldn't miss!

Mark Pinkerton
Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

When our high school students walked into the building the morning after your visit and shows, one of them said: “I already miss Angelyne”.  I think she spoke for all of us.  In just one day, you established a home in our school and our hearts.  Thank you so much for your time, your message, and your presence.  It was truly special and… we DO miss you!

Thinking of you… Take care.

Donna Houston
Iowa School for the Deaf

Everyone who attended this special evening can certainly attest to the fact that Angelyne, the Deaf Australian Cattle Dog is, indeed, amazing!!!  Such focus, such discipline, such dedication, such passion, such patience, such an amazing bond between Eric and Angelyne!!!  What a positive evening shared by everyone!  

We hope, as well as enjoying the presentation, being impressed with the tricks, and falling in love with Eric and Angelyne that the young people learned more about working for a goal, overcoming obstacles, focusing, developing patience, looking for similarities rather than differences, and seeing how much we all can share and contribute to the world.   They definitely inspired and entertained us all whatever our age or background may have been.  Indeed, Eric’s story and presentation with Angelyne warmed all our hearts -- as Eric had the ability to make the presentation relatable to everyone in our most diverse audience, including members of our local deaf community, and pull us all into their story.  

What a great team they are!!!  We thank them for a most enjoyable evening.

Martha & Krista Borgaard, Tina Warren
Hands in Harmony

Dear Eric,

Thank you so much for performing at our Pack Meeting last week.  It truly was amazing!   I have never seen the boys so attentive, literally hanging on every word and waiting for the next step.

I believe they took a lot away by learning that what may not seem like much or even   could turn into something awesome with vision, hard work, and discipline.   

All the best to you and Angelyne!  

Yours in Scouting,
Ken Young
Cubmaster – Pack 174

Eric Melvin and his sidekick, Angelyne came to our school and instantly the kids fell in love with her. They loved seeing her perform and when Eric started his presentation he had a way of speaking that held the attention of everyone from five years old to the seventy-something-year-olds that also come to hear his message. Eric told us how important it is to understand that those who are different than us aren't to be looked down on, we need to understand that they just operate a little differently than others do. He also let us know how important it is to never give up.

We are looking forward to hearing from Eric & Angelyne again.

Greg Furman
Riverview Christian School

Eric and Angelyne were one of the highlights of our summer programming!  They are an excellent addition to any event because they are able to tailor their presentation and message to a wide variety of groups. Furthermore, they are professional and friendly in their work. It is clear that they love what they do and are passionate about inspiring others as well as teaching others how to fulfill their potential and overcome obstacles in life. I highly recommend Eric and Angelyne to enhance your programming agenda!

Nicole Sackrider
Program Manager, Life Enrichment
Laramie County Community College 

Thank you so much for bringing Angelyne to Coyote Ridge Elementary.  I truly enjoyed seeing the amazing tricks and the unique ways you learned to teach Angelyne how to succeed through her disability.  Students and staff were entertained as well as inspired by the way you rose to the challenge of teaching a deaf dog. Your compassion for diversity and addressing the different challenges that students and animals might encounter reminded our students to never give up.  Thank you for sharing your love for animals with our students.  It is amazing how easy it is for a dog and a human to teach children about love and acceptance, and how to have the drive to never give up.

I would recommend Eric and Angelyne the Amazing DEAF Cattle Dog and their program to all schools who want their students to see a positive and uplifting example of compassion, strength, and love.

Becky Kissler
Coyote Ridge Elementary

Eric & Angelyne are a dynamic duo.  They portray a heartfelt story about the life-altering impact that a canine companion can generate.  In addition, their saga illustrates timeless lessons about overcoming adversity and turning challenges into strengths.  Our 6th - 8th-grade middle school students were captivated by the knowledge & feats Angelyne demonstrated, along with Eric's skill and dedication in facilitating her keen sense of visual observation.  The pair inspired a few of our students to create a video recognition of the show in response to the overarching and profound message that Eric & Angelyne convey, which is, 'make a positive contribution to your world & never give up'....a lesson that was readily evident in their life work !"   Thank you again for your kindness, generosity and leading by example!

Heather Study
Student Services Director
Mountain Middle School

It was a fabulous experience for my second graders to be able to interact with Eric and Angelyne. I introduced my class to them earlier in the year by showing some of the videos and they were immediately hooked on how amazing Angelyne is. They connected with Eric and Angelyne's story and got their message. Thank you, Eric & Angelyne, for a fantastic learning opportunity.

Jennifer Wyatt
2nd Grade Teacher
Las Brisas Elementary School

Dear Eric & Angelyne,

Thank you so much for coming to our school.  Your talk and tricks were a perfect fit for our self-control assembly.   The students and staff have been talking about the assembly for days.   You truly have a special message to share with our community.   Thanks again for your commitment to character education.

Casey Churchill
Liberty Common School

Eric Melvin and his lovely dog, Angelyne, have visited Rocky Mountain Deaf School to do assemblies on several occasions. Not only does he impress us with Angelyne’s tricks and ability to understand sign language, but he also delivers and showcases an important message about love and friendship.  Eric and Angelyne connect with our students and make a positive impression on everyone.  After meeting them, you will come away with a reminder of what life is really about.”

Kelly Baldwin
Rocky Mountain Deaf School

Thank you very much for performing for ABC! The kids and I loved it. Angelyne is now the talk of our facility. Eric even stopped his show to check on a little girl that was crying. Great show, Relevant, inspiring message and SO entertaining! Keep up the good work and the best of luck to you both.

Quinn McNierney
Group Leader
ABC Early Childhood Development

Dear Mr. Eric,

My name is Autumn Stevens and I’m a seventh-grade student at Mountain Middle School.

I was blown away by your companionship with Angelyne and what great feats you both have overcome throughout your amazing journey. Angelyne has inspired me to become my own kind of great and my own kind of beautiful. I began to cry when you read your poems about Angelyne.

You and your lovely companion have changed my whole outlook on life and your story and greatness have influenced me in such an amazing way.  

Good luck on the road!!!   Good girl, Angelyne!!!  


I had the pleasure of meeting Angelyne and Eric at a benefit supporting canine cancer. Eric and Angelyne’s story of overcoming challenges collectively and shared perseverance was especially poignant to me as I am a cancer survivor and I knew I had to schedule Eric & Angelyne to come and speak/perform at my place of work.  

Our audience immediately fell in love with Angelyne. There is just something about meeting such a talented dog who is completely deaf or with some other disability.  When Eric spoke for Angelyne and told their amazing tale of adversity and resilience, there were very few dry eyes in the building.  Eric is a gifted communicator and more importantly, a passionate advocate for animals and humans with disabilities. He deftly handled the clients’ questions and was able to draw in the audience with eager anticipation.  After Eric’s speech, Angelyne followed her master with an amazing display of discipline and athletic feats. Whether doing 180° ball-catching jumps, leaps through multiple hula hoops or just giving wet kisses, the clients absolutely ate up Angelyne’s acrobatic performance.  

Eric and Angelyne’s show was entertaining, inspiring and educational. Angelyne has the power to melt the hearts of clients and staff as well as dog-lovers and non-dog-lovers alike.  I would unequivocally recommend Eric and Angelyne’s show for anyone who is looking to inspire as well as inform any audience in a truly unique way.  

Chris Dunbar
Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center
King Adult Day Enrichment Program

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